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iTotem is a Software as a Service solution for energy companies and governments to track economic, cultural and climate benefits of their capital investments.


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I was subcontracted by Planetworks to design the landing page and backend UI for a piece of software they were working on for a client called iTotem. While they had a developer involved already, they needed a designer who could go in and refine the user interface. Additionally, the client had requested a new landing page that I designed and implemented.


Working closely with the client, we went back and forth in terms of their expectations and aesthetic preferences. The client had a strong vision for the landing page and after pointing me towards several landing pages they liked, I produced a mockup in Sketch which we refined over the course of a month.


I made my backend UI changes and landing page using Jquery, Bootstrap and ASP.NET. These libraries and frameworks were already being used by the project so It made sense to stick with the current dependencies.


Jumping into a project that was already in active development meant I had to work within the user flow already signed off by the client . While this was a constraint it provided me with great insight into working in a professional software development workflow.

Design & Implementation by Josh Stuible in Vancouver