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nightOut is a mobile app that allows users to plan transit and activities around concerts and other entertainment experiences With that app you can discover new places around event venues and share your plans / routes with your friends.


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When we talked to concert goers about their pain-points while planning a night, a few commonalities appeared. Users often arrive at concerts and other events early, getting bored while waiting because they don't know what there is to do in the area. Additionally, they find it somewhat clunky to plan trips on they phones, because one has to calculate the times for the transit routes separately for each location on the trip.



We began by creating a user persona based on this initial idea, whose experience goal was to easily plan nights out in a timely and simple manner. We then got to work creating very early wireframes of the app interface and user flow in the prototyping software Figma, to which I contributed mockups for the review/share and itinerary-view screens, and helped my partners Sandy and Matt develop the overall interaction framework.


Vincent Lombardi: An avid concert-goer who relies on public transit to go to live shows by himself or with a group of friends.



For the remainder of the project, we refined our initial wireframes and style guide, which I then used to assemble a working, high-quality prototype of the app using ProtoPie.

Design & Implementation by Josh Stuible in Vancouver