Winter 2021

Resisting Stigma


Resisting Stigma is an interactive tour and learning module that documents the people and places of the Downtown Eastside. Built with Nuxt.js, the site provides an interactive single-page application that lets users tour the many resources available on the DTES and watch powerful video interviews featuring the people who help run them.


Nurses that work on and around the Downtown Eastside (DTES) are typically taken on a tour to familiarize themselves with the people and places that they will be working with. Due to concerns around COVID-19, and to make the tour more accessible to VCH staff members, our team was brought in to design and implement a virtual tour that would mirror this experience.


People who use substances living on the DTES are often stigmatized and labeled with negative stereotypes, including within the healthcare system. The goal of the project is to help decrease stigma in healthcare, enhance providers’ understanding of the community and build healthcare providers’ skills and confidence working with clients who use substances through a virtual tour.


As the sole developer on this project, I had the opportunity to work closely with a talented team consisting of an Instructional Designer / Project Manager and a Designer. Taking the lead on front-end development, I utilized Vue.js and Plyr to implement a dynamic, single-page application, that features full-bleed video interviews and an interactive, dynamically generated map.

design + implementation