Spring 2020

Saggi Financial Solutions


Sonika Saggi is a Financial Advisor based out of Surrey, BC, and has worked full-time in the life insurance and financial services industry for the past 20 years. Sonika approached Q5 with the desire to revitalize her digital presence and attract clients in ways above and beyond traditional word-of-mouth. In particular, she wanted to expand her customer base to include younger families who had grown up with the internet and had a keener eye for the quality of a brand’s digital presence.

My Role

While I work with my partner during most phases of the project, my focus is, of course, on implementation.


1. Site Audit

All of Q5’s projects begin with a discovery meeting in which we review the current site and the major pain points for us to address. Outdated design, confusing information hierarchy, and broken pages were quickly identified. Having aligned on the project goals, we proposed a simpler website with a fresh new brand to go with it. Other important changes we prioritized were faster load times, easy-to-use interactions, and a seamless mobile experience.

2. Brand Design

Given our target audience of largely younger families, we agreed that the brand needed to communicate security, growth, and warmth while maintaining a modern and minimal look. The logotype pairs a simple sans-serif typeface with a bright green leaf to provide contrast and balance. A subtle gradient throughout all visual elements ensures consistency and provides a sense of motion to graphic elements, even in print.

3. Interaction Design

The primary goal of this website was to start a conversation with potential clients that could turn into a meaningful relationship. To break the ice, we implemented a friendly contact form that offers visitors a free quote from Sonika. The form walks the user through the questions one simple step at a time, requiring only information that would help Sonika deliver a comprehensive quote. The completed form is delivered to Sonika via email, making it extremely convenient for her to work on the quote and make a new connection.

4. Implementation

The website was built using Craft CMS, my content management system of choice. It let us develop and iterate quickly while providing an intuitive user interface for Sonika. This gave her the independence to update her own website’s content, minimizing the need for recurring services.


Through updated modern design, Sonika now has a website and brand that reflects her state-of-the-art services.

Lighthouse results

Using modern web development methods, we made measurable improvements to sonikasaggi.com’s Google Lighthouse score. This score is based on the website’s performance, accessibility, and use of best practices and is an important factor in the site’s search ranking.

design + implementation