1. Acid Art
    How I developed a fast e-commerce website for a boutique clothing brand
  2. Community Healthcare Worker Orientation
    How I created a customized onboarding experience for Community Healthcare Workers
  3. Youth Mental Health Clinic Finder
    How I created a location-based triage tool for VCH's Child & Youth Mental Health clinics
  4. Resisting Stigma
    How I helped create a multimedia tour of the Downtown Eastside in an effort to reduce stigma in healthcare
  5. Richmond Birth Centre
    How I implemented an aesthetic introduction to the Richmond Birth Centre and the birthing journey
  6. ROAR
    How I sustained and streamlined an onboarding automation tool
  7. Saggi Financial Solutions
    How I helped refresh a Financial Advisor's brand and website
  8. Snafu
    How I designed and developed a desktop glitch art creation application
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